We're hosting two full day Summer Camps at our local Calgary studio from 9 to 3pm daily. Kids will learn new singing skills, explore their creativity, and develop confidence on stage, and in life. Activities include memory games, learning new words to songs through movement, pairing up with a new friend, songwriting activities, outdoor inspiration & performance practice. You'll be able to see your kiddos performance at an end-of-week concert. 

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6-8 years
summer camp 2
8-12 years

Calgary Summer Camps For Kids Aged 6 - 12

Sing it Summer!

The gift of learning to sing is more beneficial than you know. We've mentioned before how powerful music is as a parenting tool because of it's ability to regulate their body (Oh, and yours, too!), but it's scientifically proven to release endorphins and oxytocin, which is known to stimulate feelings of trust and bonding while eliminating anxiety and depression. Anyone feeling big feelings? Put on your favourite song and sing!

1. Kids learn to use music as a tool to regulate their emotions that can be incorporated into their everyday life

A few singing benefits..

After a strange two years, we need to help our kids make sense of how they feel, not fix it. Songwriting is an amazing tool for kids to dig deep and process big feelings when they're unsure about what they're noticing. Our Summer Camp incorporates songwriting basics to get your child started on their songwriting journey. And you know what is the best part? This kind of emotional discovery and validation in childhood will lead to self-confidence in adulthood! You're setting them up for the big leagues. 

2. Our students will learn to validate their own emotions through Song-writing

A few singing benefits..

But, we're not talking about the confidence you're probably thinking of. We like parenting-expert Dr Becky's version better as she says: “Confidence comes from knowing how you feel, feeling at home with yourself, and being compassionate and curious about your internal experience.” When you're confident about your own choices and how you feel, it's easier to be confident in your actions because you know it aligns with YOU.  

3. Our students will boost their own confidence and self-esteem!

A few singing benefits..

Monday, August 15th to Friday, August 19th.

Monday, July 4th to Friday, July 8th

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We're so excited to get back to hosting Summer Camps for Kids interested in singing. We have limited availability in each camp so secure your spot as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Full day camps run from 9:00AM – 3:00PM daily, in a safe, fun and friendly environment for children aged 8-12 to learn new singing skills, explore their creativity, and develop confidence on stage & in life.

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We talk about the benefits of singing often, but did you know that there are more added benefits in group singing classes? As a parent, you know that nothing can motivate your kids more than their peers. Group lessons encourage your child to be motivated; inspired to work hard and try new things. Group singing classes are one of the best ways to involve your child in a creative and confidence-building after-school activity! So, if you've been looking for a singing class...

Mia is a Vocal Coach passionate about singing for better Mental Health!

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“Mia will push you out your comfort zone in the best way and you will share laughs and lots of singing along the way.”

- jeff

“Mia made the experience fun and interactive and it was lovely to able to watch my daughter sing her little heart out!”

- jeff

“The thought of singing always seemed very scary and unattainable... until I met Mia! Not only is Mia an extraordinary singer but a fantastic coach.”

“Mia creates a safe space to learn and perform, which I so appreciate being brand new to singing. I always look forward to our weekly lesson knowing that I grow as a vocalist each time.”

“Mia's lessons taught me so much more than just singing. It has truly given me the confidence to be in front of people and go after my dreams, no matter how crazy they seem!”

- jeff


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