Meet Mia Whitfield (Founder) and Singit Inc Vocal Coach based in Calgary, Alberta. Trained in our Singit Inc Contemporary Voice Syllabus + a 20 year career in the music industry, I work with both aspiring and professional singers to build confidence. Our singing classes are a space to explore limits, push boundaries, and overcome singing fears, in a safe & secure environment.

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About Singit Inc

Mia Whitfield


Mia was a recording artist for over 20 years with 5 albums & 9 singles to radio. Career highlights include sharing the stage with artists like Bono from U2.

After moving to Canada in 2019, Mia started Singit to give back to the community by teaching singing for better mental health. She now teaches Kids aged 6-9 group classes, 10-14 group classes, Adult Group classes and mentors artists and trains other vocal coaches in the Singit Contemporary Voice Syllabus.



Meet the Singit Inc Team

“Mia will push you out your comfort zone in the best way and you will share laughs and lots of singing along the way.”

- jeff

“Mia made the experience fun and interactive and it was lovely to able to watch my daughter sing her little heart out!”

- jeff

“The thought of singing always seemed very scary and unattainable... until I met Mia! Not only is Mia an extraordinary singer but a fantastic coach.”

“Mia creates a safe space to learn and perform, which I so appreciate being brand new to singing. I always look forward to our weekly lesson knowing that I grow as a vocalist each time.”

“Mia's lessons taught me so much more than just singing. It has truly given me the confidence to be in front of people and go after my dreams, no matter how crazy they seem!”

- jeff


It's been scientifically proven that singing rewires the brain, even teaching stroke victims to regain speech! The calming yet energizing effect that singing has on people helps soothes and alleviate stress and anxiety while also uplifting those who sing. 

Improves mental health; increases confidence and fosters connection!

We believe that singing...

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