Beyond my background of 20+ years of professional singing, number 1 singles and incredible career highlights, teaching my students to sing is still my favourite thing to do. Seeing the real life benefits of singing that we *know* (thanks to science!) improve quality of life, physical health and mental health is why I am passionate about what I do. 

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Founder of Singit, Singing Coach & Confidence Booster!

I'm Mia Whitfield

My career highlights include performing at Nelson Mandela’s 80th & 82nd birthdays, the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona, as well as taking part in the ‘Rocking Future’ road show where I performed at over thirty schools in and around Johannesburg, South Africa, promoting anti-bullying in schools.

In 2000, my debut Single, “Show me I’ll Show you,” became a Number 1 Hit! I went on to release five albums and nine singles to radio. I was living the dream!

I still remember my first vocal coach: Kylé Adcock (the # 1 gospel artist in America at the time). I auditioned with her at the age of seven, in my pink and white floral spring outfit my mom had bought me and pigtails in my hair while I sang: “Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White.” Kylé was the one who helped me find my love of singing and I continued to do weekly lessons with her for 16 years, till the age of 23.

The ONLY reason I stopped was because I started touring more and my schedule just got too busy.

I know just how influential and encouraging a Vocal Coach can be for someone with a dream...


I started Singit to help others realize their dreams, too. First in South Africa, and now in Canada.

Our mission at Singit is to educate our community on how singing can rewire the brain to combat the issues we face with mental health. I am passionate about bringing awareness to the many benefits of singing especially the ability of singing to bring about a more positive mindset amongst our community. 

“Mia will push you out your comfort zone in the best way and you will share laughs and lots of singing along the way.”

- jeff

“Mia made the experience fun and interactive and it was lovely to able to watch my daughter sing her little heart out!”

- jeff

“The thought of singing always seemed very scary and unattainable... until I met Mia! Not only is Mia an extraordinary singer but a fantastic coach.”

“Mia creates a safe space to learn and perform, which I so appreciate being brand new to singing. I always look forward to our weekly lesson knowing that I grow as a vocalist each time.”

“Mia's lessons taught me so much more than just singing. It has truly given me the confidence to be in front of people and go after my dreams, no matter how crazy they seem!”

- jeff


The Singing Straw™ is a metal, reusable, sustainable straw phonation tool that singers, vocalists, and speakers can use to promote more efficient vocal fold closure and release extra tension. I love using it in my vocal warm up exercises. You can also save 10% using our promo code: SINGIT10!

The Singing Straw For Vocal Warm Ups & Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercises

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