I hereby release SingIt Inc of any liability whatsoever arising out of any injury, damage or loss which may be sustained by myself, my minor children, or any other family members, during the course of involvement with SingItInc.

This includes activities held in any studio, classroom, Theater or performance location during lessons, classes, performances or rehearsals and during any other activities sponsored by SingItInc

I have read this waiver agreement, understand its contents, and accept and assume such risks.

Release of Liability:

Payment Schedule: Payments are due at the beginning of each month or season, and payment for the first month is due at the time of registration.

Payment Method: Payments can be made via credit card or bank transfer. The booking links are provided here

Late Payment: A late fee of 10% will be charged for any payment not received within 7 days of the due date.

Missed Lessons: No refunds or credits will be given for missed lessons, except in the case of prolonged illness or emergency situations. In the event of illness or emergency, please inform the instructor as soon as possible and we will work with you to reschedule your lesson.

Cancellations: If a student needs to cancel a lesson, please notify the vocal coach at least 24 hours in advance. If the student fails to do so, the lesson will be forfeited and no refund will be given.

Make-up Lessons: Make-up lessons will be offered at the discretion of the vocal coach as we are running at a full schedule, and will only be offered if there was at least 24 hours notice of the cancellation.

Termination of Lessons: If a student decides to terminate their lessons before the end of the month, no refund will be given for the remaining lessons. Please note that we require a full month's notice of termination of lessons.

I understand that I will be responsible for the collection, court cost and any legal fees due to lack of payment. I am obligated to pay the remainder of the month along with the next month after dismissal or cancellation of

We hope that this payment policy provides clear guidelines for our singing programs. Please feel free to contact us via email here if you have any further questions.

Payment Policy:


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“Mia will push you out your comfort zone in the best way and you will share laughs and lots of singing along the way.”

- jeff

“Mia made the experience fun and interactive and it was lovely to able to watch my daughter sing her little heart out!”

- jeff

“The thought of singing always seemed very scary and unattainable... until I met Mia! Not only is Mia an extraordinary singer but a fantastic coach.”

“Mia creates a safe space to learn and perform, which I so appreciate being brand new to singing. I always look forward to our weekly lesson knowing that I grow as a vocalist each time.”

“Mia's lessons taught me so much more than just singing. It has truly given me the confidence to be in front of people and go after my dreams, no matter how crazy they seem!”

- jeff


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