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The Benefits of Group Singing Classes For Kids

February 15, 2022

The benefits for kids singing in groups include improved mental & physical wellbeing; increased interest & motivation; social interaction & healthy competition.

We’re so excited to be nearing the end of our renovations at our new Singit HQ (see this Reel here with an update from a few weeks ago!). At our new premises, we will be hosting group singing classes in Calgary for various ages!

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1. Increased Interest!

Group classes has a way of improving interest for all kids: they get to hang out with their friends while they sing — it’s a win-win!

2. Overcoming Shyness

One-on-one lessons can feel more intimidating for a child who is still building their self-confidence (something we focus on here at Singit!). As a result, a group class can be an easy transition, relieving a lot of the pressure and stress of a private singing lesson. If your child is on the shy side, group lessons could be just what they need to overcome their insecurity and build some confidence!

Kids-singing-benefits-reason-to-do-sinbging-lessons-calgary Group Classes

3. Motivation + Healthy Competition

If you’re a parent, you know that nothing can motivate your kids more than their peers. Group lessons encourage your child to be motivated; inspired to work hard and try new things. Sharing this interest with likeminded people is also really fun, and motivates you to challenge yourself.

4. Teamwork (Makes the Dream!)

As we’ve said already, standing up on stage alone can be terrifying! Nothing can explain the warm fuzzy feeling that washes over your body when you stand up on that stage and all eyes are on you. When we sing in a group, we are part of something bigger than just us. We are part of a team and standing up on stage together doesn’t feel as terrifying anymore.

5. Reduces Anxiety + Improves Overall Wellbeing

You’re probably tired of us preaching about all the mental health benefits of singing but we really can’t stress how beneficial it is! Study after study has shown that group singing reduces stress and anxiety, and contributes to overall mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

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6. Improved Health!

It’s not your typical extra-curricular activity that you would expect one to receive health benefits from, but just like sport, singing is an aerobic exercise that helps with increased lung capacity to reduce heart disease, boosting immunity and an even longer life span. Singing together is in fact believed to be as good for your health as a yoga class or a gym workout!  A joint study between Harvard and Yale in 2008 found that regular singing can even increase life expectancy.

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